TresCom & Tremcom Team to Capture Ethnic Markets; Agreement Will Increase Traffic on TresCom Network

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 23, 1998--TresCom  International Corporation (NASDAQ:TRES) announced today that it has established a strategic partnership with Tremcom International Inc. of Los Angeles, California.  The goal of the teaming arrangement is for stepped-up Tremcom-TresCom sales and marketing efforts throughout the United States to result in a substantial increase of traffic on TresCom's international tele- communications network. 

"This agreement gives us yet another marketing channel to penetrate a wide array of ethnic markets domestically" declared TresCom Vice President of Sales, Denise  Boerger. The two companies have worked together before and this agreement  formalizes collaboration while broadening TresCom's retail program. 

According to Tremcom's President Elias Saad, "The employees and management of Tremcom are very excited about this synergistic partnership with TresCom. This  innovative agreement allows us to aggressively offer clients one stop shopping for  high quality, cost effective and advanced telecommunications products. We look forward to a bright and prosperous future". 

Tremcom has established sales and marketing channels that penetrate niche ethnic retail and business customers throughout the United States. Besides benefiting from additional traffic on its international networks, TresCom will provide "back office" services and customer support as part of the agreement. 

TresCom is a facilities-based emerging international communications company with service to more than 230 countries. While building its network worldwide, TresCom specializes in the dynamic and profitable Caribbean and Latin American markets and strategically has secured an equity position in every major submarine fiber optic cable serving the region. The company offers a broad array of competitively priced services, including international and domestic long distance, travel and prepaid calling cards, operator services, call centers, and frame relay service. 

For more information on TresCom contact Lisa Maya at 954/ 627-6492 or to visit our web site. For information on TremCom, contact Elias Saad at 1-213-833-0133, fax 1-213-833-0130 or visit

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