TremCom Lowers Long Distance Rates for Both US & International Calling . . . Once Again

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - February 01, 2005 -  TremCom International, Inc. released new lower rates on all it's long distance calling plans. These new rates will go into effect immediately offering domestic calling for only 4.9 a min., 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with NO MONTHLY FEE. 

According to TremCom's President Elias Saad, "With the flexibility and reliability of TremCom International long distance service, we are now offering rates that are almost unheard of. The advantage of TremCom's low rates is quality of service with discount rates, not discount rates with discount service."

TremCom International is ramping up a whole new line of cutting edge services due to be launched in the next few months. Elias Saad believes that "... our new products will both benefit our current customers, but also attract new clientele that will both increase revenue and profitability for TremCom, but also create new products for the marketplace and challenge the telecom industry as a whole."

For more information on TremCom, contact Elias Saad at 1-888-450-6844 or visit TremCom's web site at:

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