TremCom Introduces an Innovative
New Long Distance Service -
TII Mobile

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - February 15, 2005 -  TremCom International, Inc. just released a brand new service allowing customers to save dramatically on their long distance calling on their mobile phones. This easy to use, reliable service saves customers by utilizing TremCom's long distance service for international calling rather than their mobile phone carrier. The TII Mobile service is effective immediately and offers low, low rates to destinations around the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with NO MONTHLY FEE. 

According to TremCom's President Elias Saad, "We have had the ability to save customers hundreds and even thousands of dollars per year with our "land-line" service. Now with TII Mobile we are able to save our customers the same way with the added convenience of using their mobile phones."

This new service is one of several new programs TremCom International is releasing over the next few months. Elias Saad states that "With the size and technical know-how we possess here at TremCom, we are able to incorporate flexibility and ingenuity that few if any other companies are able to do. This is what will enable us to provide new leading edge technology when many other companies are struggling or have gone out of business"

For more information on TremCom, contact Elias Saad at 1-888-450-6844 or visit TremCom's web site at:

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