Fast, easy and efficient International Internet access with your Mutli-Use e-PIN. When you are traveling and need to make an important call or connect to the Internet you don't want to wait to pay high rates for service that may or may not work. Our service is fast, flexible and reliable to fit your needs anywhere any time. With the Multi-Use e-PIN you have the ability to use e-Debit Card (travel card) and e-Web2Fone with the same e-PIN.

International Pre-Paid Dial-up Access

  • Internet access in over 60 countries worldwide.*
  • Access your e-mail account while traveling.
  • Easy to use and configure.
  • Simply purchase an e-ISP PIN,and download our proprietay Internet Connection Wizard to start saving money on your internet access while traveling.
  • Compatibilty with the Multi-Use e-PIN.
  • One of the best user-to-modem ratios in the industry. 
  • Low per minute charges.
  • V.90 ITU standard for customers using either K56Flex or V.90 modem technology.
  • Friendly local Internet technicians and engineers to make set-up and support calls quick and easy.
  • Rates and Availability- INTERNATIONAL.
  • Order Your e-PIN Now!

For instructions on how to use the International Internet Connection Wizard click here.

*Access is only available through FREE Internet Connection Wizard. (other connection software is not compatable with this service)