In use overseas for over a decade, Tremcom's Debit Cards have become the preferred telecommunications tool of both businessmen and international travelers. 

Pre-Paid Debit Cards are revolutionizing the residential industry as well, by allowing families and friends to stay in touch from anywhere in the world. 

Tremcom's Debit Cards give customers the freedom to pre-purchase calling time by paying cash or using a VisaŽ or MasterCardŽ. Offered in denominations of $10 to $99 (we customize cards for large clients), they are cost efficient, practical and can be used in the US or abroad. 

No matter where you are in the U.S., Tremcom's Debit Cards are easy to use. Simply dial the access number, your Multi-Use pin number and the number you are trying to reach. The electronic message will let you know the amount of time still available on your card before the call goes through. The price of the call will then be deducted from the original value of the card. 

Based on the same principle, Tremcom's Debit Cards have several added advantages over the traditional calling cards including - lower rates, no extensive dialing codes to gain access, no monthly fees or invoices and based upon the technological advantages of TII's calling system, it is now possible for you, the consumer, to also use your Multi-Use PIN with TII's Web2Fone product.