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One e-PIN . . . a world of possibilities. With one Integrated Multi-Use e-PIN you can connect to the world. Our proprietary software and Integrated e-PIN enable you to make PC to Phone calls via our Web2Fone VoIP products as well as make phone to phone calls via our e-Debit Cards. Not only do you have access to our voice products but you can also connect to the Internet through our global e-ISP and access our Unified Messaging Center by using  the same e-PIN.

Convenience and savings When you purchase your Have you ever paid a big Your computer and our
have never been so easy! e-Debit Card online, you bill at a hotel for quickly Unified Messaging
Within seconds of buying can start using your e-PIN checking your e-mail a few services now offer you
your Multi-Use e-PIN, the immediately! With e-Debit times? If this sounds the complete solution to
Free Web2Fone Client Card you no longer need familiar when you travel staying in touch. With
(Voice over IP) will be at to worry about that big abroad and need to Internet Call Waiting, Fax
your service. Save on phone bill at the end of the connect to the Internet, e- Voice, e-Mail, One Number
long distance calls while month. Because it is pre- ISP is the answer for you. Follow me, Click to Call and
surfing the web, shopping paid you never spend Simply download the FREE more, you now have the
or checking your e-mail. more than you purchase. Internet Connection ability to access your most
Web2Fone now offers you When your e-PIN runs out Wizard, buy your e-PIN important messages from
the choice of downloading you simply purchase and you can connect your computer or any
our FREE software or another e-PIN Online and immediately! e-ISP even phone worldwide! e-PIN
using our easy to use Java continue using any of our allows you to use your technology once again
Web2Fone accessible e-PIN products available local ISP to easily connect takes incredible services
through your browser. on and off line worldwide! from home. to the limits of the world!
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