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iLink Gatway is TII's newest inovation using IP-based solutions for voice, data and mobile communications. iLink technology illustrates our commitment to providing business-class IP telephony solutions that meet your growing needs for affordability, flexibility, quality, reliability and functionality.

iLink adapters are Inexpensive and easy-to-use. The adapter connect standard telephones and fax machines to IP-based data networks. TII offers users traditional and enhanced communication services via your broadband connection to the Internet or Local Area Network (LAN). iLink adapters come in single or multi-port versions depending on your specific needs.

What iLink Gateway can do for you.

1. Allows your office to make calls between locations (iLink Gateways) by utilizing the Internet.

2. Enables you to make International calls to any terminating number on a worldwide basis by utilizing TremCom’s VoIP and PSTN network. (Calls are made for relatively low cost)

3. iLink give your office the capability to receive calls to any iLink Gateway by utilizing lines originating from the USA and transported on TremCom’s VoIP network to reach customers’ premises. (Lines are billed flat or per minute usage).

For detailed information about iLink Gateway technology, please click here. To inquire about using iLink Gateway for your business please click here.