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VoIP Phones

TII i-Link IP Phone is a leading edge next generation IP network telephone based on industry open standards. Built upon innovative technology, i-Link IP Phone features market leading superb sound quality and rich functionalities at ultra-affordable price.

i-Link Tone 100 Series

i-Link Tone 101
i-Link Tone 102

 LAN Interface

1x RJ45 10Base-T

2x RJ45 10Base-T
 Phone Case
12-digit caller ID LCD
Black and White
 Universal Switching Power
In: 100-240V AC Out: +5V DC, 400mA
FCC - CE - C-tick

For home or office use, save on long distance calls from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection and a phone. The size of a deck of cards, the iLink single port adapter uses the technology of VoIP to help you save on long distance and allows you to take full advantage of your internet connection. To find out about purchasing your iLink single-port adapter click here.

VoIP Multi-Port Gateways

If you are paying for long distance to call your satellite offices you are paying more than you should. TII's iLink Multi-Port adapters will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars every month. With free calling from office to office within your company as well as lower rates on your long distance calling you will be making one of the wisest technology investments yet.

Part Number

I-Link 1002

VoIP gateway system equipped with 2 FXS or FXO Ports. Allows for 2 VoIP Extensions.

I-Link 1004

VoIP gateway system equipped with 4 FXS or FXO Ports. Allows for 4 VoIP Extensions.

I-Link 1008

VoIP gateway system equipped with 8FXS or FXO Ports. Allows for 8 VoIP Extensions.


iLink Public gateways ranging from 1 or 2 T1s (24 or 48 ports) are also available.