When you have to stay in touch no matter where the other person is.
With Tremcom 800 there is a certain peace of mind knowing people can always call you, toll free, from anywhere.
When you sign up for Tremcom International long distance, you can receive a Tremcom International 800 Number.
A Tremcom International 800 Number is an easy-to-use, toll free number, which is programmed to ring directly into the telephone number you choose. There is no monthly fee or installation. And you pay low rates for calls made from anywhere in the U.S.*
Share this number with those who need to stay in touch so they can call you at any time, from any phone. Give it to your child away at school, clients, or someone traveling who needs to stay in touch with you.

To sign up for a Tremcom 800 Number, choose a long distance plan and remember to check "I want an 800 number".
If you already have Tremcom International as your long distance carrier, you can easily add an additional 800 Number to your account by calling 1-888-PICK-TII.

*According to FCC regulations an additional 30¢ surcharge applies to calls from US payphones.
**All 800 numbers include a $2.95 monthly service fee.