Canada Link
Save without switching your long distance carrier!

Service starting January 1st 2004

The TII Canada Link "Dial-Around" Product offers aggressive International rates for Canadian customers allowing you to stay with your current long distance provider. NO NEED TO SWITCH! You receive the same high quality fiber optic transmission with the added convenience of a special 800 access number. As always, you are able to call worldwide for the lowest possible rates through TII long distance services.
More options in long distance services means lower cost to you!

Service available from the ALL OVER Canada and can be accessed from your home, office or through your calling card.

Business and Residential Accounts

Same Low Rate 24 Hours -- 7 Days a Week

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Instructions - Easy and Convenient

International Link requires a TOLL FREE access number, prior to making an international call and can be used as follows:

1. Dial the TOLL FREE Access Number. (1-888-367-3401)

2. Upon receiving a confirmation by our platform switch, dial your international number. (011 + Country Code + City Code + Number)

3. To make another call DO NOT HANG UP, simply press "*" (once) and make another call.

Terms and Conditions:

  • No Need to Switch your Long Distance carrier.
  • No  Contracts, No Term Plans. No Obligations.
  • No Monthly Fee.
  • Call Anytime. Same low price 24 hours, 7 days a week 
  • International rates are billed in 6 Second increments with 30 seconds minimum. 
  • Customer MUST REGISTER with this service to be able to access these rates.


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