INTERNATIONAL LINK Letter of Authorization

Service available ONLY to customers in the continental USA.

In order to sign up for the "International Link", please fill out this form which registers your phone numbers with our company.
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Please Note:
Please review your billing address. In order to sign up for Long Distance, your address needs to be the same as the billing address for your local phone bill.

YES! I understand that the "INTERNATIONAL LINK" is a toll free service that allows ONLY INTERNATIONAL CALLING from the numbers that I list below. I also understand that this DOES NOT change my present long distance provider

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Terms Of Authorization
I authorize Tremcom International, Inc. (TII) to provision all associated phone numbers listed in this agreement, in order to obtain access to TII Long Distance Services. I will also be responsible for payment of all invoices charged to my account. I also understand that all invoices are due and payable upon receipt whether billed directly by Tremcom International, Inc or through my local telephone company.