Save without switching your long distance carrier!

The TII Link Select "Dial-Around" product offers aggressive International rates for United States customers while allowing them to stay with their current long distance provider. You receive the same high quality fiber optic transmission only now with the added convenience of accessing through a special access number and, as always, calling worldwide for the lowest possible rates* . More options in long distance services means lower costs for the customer.

Service available from the continental USA and can be accessed from your home, office or through your calling card.

Same Low Rate 24 Hours -- 7 Days a Week

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It's easy!

  • Takes only a few minutes to SIGN UP
  • You don't have to switch phone companies.
  • Just dial the Access Number (Provided to you by Tremcom)
  • Wait for instructions and dial your International Number. (011 + Country Code + City Code + Number)
  • That's it!
  • To make another call DO NOT HANG UP, simply press "*" (the * key once) and make another call.

No hidden charges!

  • No Risk! Works from any touch tone phone without changing your long distance carrier.
  • No Contracts, No Term Plans. No Obligations
  • $2.95 Monthly Fee applies.
  • Call Anytime. Same low price 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • International rates are billed in full minute increments.
  • Customer MUST REGISTER with this service to be able to access these rates.

With our Local Access Number, it's easy to use and save with our Lowest International Rates*

Same Low Rate 24 Hours -- 7 Days a Week

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*OUR LOWEST RATE PLAN: This plan has our lowest rates to all International destinations. This plan is billed exclusively online. There will be a $2.95 monthly fee with no minimum usage.

Charges will include an 11.9% Carrier Cost Recovery Fee to be assessed for each month in which you have any state-to-state and/or international charges on your bill. This fee is not a tax or charge required by the government, rather, it is to assist in recovering costs assessed on Tremcom by local and international telephone companies and billing expenses.

There may be additional Government Mandated Charges, which include taxes and fees that Tremcom is required to assess on its customers by law. These fees vary depending on the location of the customer since state and local taxes differ across jurisdictions.

Customers will be assessed a Universal Service Fund Fee of 12.5%. The USF Fee is collected from telecommunications carriers and administered by the Universal Service Administration Corporation who are responsible for disbursing the funds according to criteria established by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

*These rates assume customers using our Local Access Number, If a toll free access is used please add 2.0 cents per minute

Calls from payphones using Link Select are assessed a 99 cent per call surcharge.